What To Do After an Earthquake in New Jersey

An earthquake in New Jersey is rare, but it does happen, and you must prepare yourself for the worst scenario. Earthquakes are unpredictable and destructive. While some parts of the country experience them more frequently than others, they can strike anywhere. Flood & earthquake insurance can compensate you for losses associated with the earthquake, but it is important to respond appropriately.

The Aftermath of an Earthquake in New Jersey and What to Do

There are some critical steps to take after an earthquake to ensure safety.

Document Everything for Your Flood & Earthquake Insurance Claim

As you navigate the earthquake's aftermath, document the damage to your home and your losses to ensure adequate evidence for your insurance claim. Take pictures as you can to document damage and concerns.

Identify the Safest Exit Route

Find the safest exit routes from your location. Watch for hazards such as broken glass, damaged light fixtures, and other obstructions or debris that could injure you.

Locate Your Shut-Off Valves

Everything from water to natural gas supply could be at risk after an earthquake. Close the main shut-off valves to protect your home from any potential explosion or flood. Check for any damaged lines, broken pipes, or exposed wiring that could necessitate an earthquake insurance claim. The sooner you identify property damage, the sooner you can ensure overall safety.

Assess Everyone for Injuries

Earthquakes can lead to injuries from things like falling debris and broken glass. Check everyone over for any potential physical injuries as soon as possible. If anyone has injuries, document them with pictures and immediately seek emergency services. Triage any severe injuries, including applying a tourniquet if necessary to stop bleeding while you wait for emergency services to respond.

Secure Your Pets

Of all the steps to take after an earthquake in New Jersey, you might wait to consider securing your pets. Know where they are at all times and remember that an earthquake will startle them. It can lead to pets who hide and become more difficult to find. Secure food and water resources for your pet and use food or treats to encourage a pet to come out of hiding.

Call Your Insurance Carrier

After an earthquake, you need to call the carrier that holds your earthquake coverage. A claims adjuster will assess your property's condition, the damage's extent, and any special considerations that apply to your situation. Your claim settlement offer depends upon the repair work needed and any injuries that occurred.

Understand the Benefit of Flood & Earthquake Insurance Combinations

While earthquake insurance can help with structural damage and lost belongings after an earthquake, those policies typically exclude flood damage. If a pipe breaks due to an earthquake and causes flood damage in your home, you need flood insurance to cover the damage from the water. As a homeowner, investing in both flood & earthquake insurance coverage can ensure that your home is protected no matter what type of natural disaster strikes. Even if an earthquake ruptures a water supply line and causes flood damage inside your house, you can seek money for the repairs. Your insurance carrier will help you understand any exclusions or specialized coverage that might apply to your policy.

About David G. Sayles Insurance Services

At David G. Sayles Insurance Services, we help our clients decide which of these options is best for them based on their current situation and risk factors.  Contact us at 1-855-977-1842 or insureme@dsayles.mysites.io for a consultation!

About David G. Sayles Insurance Services

At David G. Sayles Insurance Services, we help our clients decide which of these options is best for them based on their current situation and risk factors. Contact us at 1-855-977-1842 or insureme@dsayles.mysites.io for a consultation!

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