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Home sweet home rings true for all of us – whether we live in a house by the shore, a condo in Ridgewood or rent an apartment in Glen Rock. This is where we nest, build memories and share our experiences with loved ones. What’s important to all of us is protecting what we have built, including our investment and assets in the event of an unforeseen loss. David G. Sayles Insurance Services is committed to helping you do just that.

As an integral part of the community, we know the area real well, and are dedicated to providing the right policy for the right price to the homeowners and renters we serve. Our staff will review your specific needs and then go to market to secure a competitively priced policy that will address the potential risks you face as a homeowner, condo owner or renter.

Homeowners Insurance

We’ll secure a homeowners insurance policy that will provide you with replacement cost value should your home be damaged due to fire or another covered peril. We’ll protect the dwelling itself, other structures such as a separate garage, and your personal property. Our staff will go over your liability exposures and determine the amount of personal liability appropriate to protect your assets should someone have an accident in your home or on your property and sue. Your policy will also provide you with the extra expenses you’ll incur if you need to stay at a hotel, for example, while repairs or rebuilding takes place due to a covered loss.

A complete review of your home will also allow us to determine if you have additional exposures, such as a swimming pool, that need extra protection. You may have valuables such as jewelry and fine art that require more coverage that is available in a standard home insurance policy. Additional endorsements can also be added to a standard homeowners insurance policy, including:

Our professionals will go over all the specifics with you.

Condominium Insurance

As a condo owner, you have some unique exposures not found in the traditional home, and need to protect yourself against these different exposures. The personal stuff you own, like appliances, furniture, computer equipment, clothing, etc., needs to be insured in the event of a fire or damage or loss from lightning, vandalism, smoke, theft, or other covered incident. If someone gets injured in your home, you need to protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit. Condominium insurance will provide you with what you need to safeguard your property and protect against liability exposures.

Keep in mind that a condo association’s insurance policy is only designed to provide coverage for the building itself, the property’s common areas, and the association’s liability for accidents and injuries that take place, for example, at the swimming pool, tennis courts or within the building’s exterior. What’s inside your unit is typically not covered and requires you to purchase condo insurance for some building coverage in addition to your contents.

Renters Insurance

Renting an apartment, condo, townhouse or home is becoming more commonplace as more people put put off home ownership. Unfortunately, many are also opting out of purchasing renters insurance. They don’t think coverage is needed because the landlord’s insurance policy provides protection, believe it’s too expensive, or haven’t gotten around to it.

A landlord’s policy will not provide coverage for your personal stuff in the event of a loss. If there is a fire, for example, and your furniture and computer equipment is damaged, without renters insurance, you would end up having to replace your belongings out of pocket. Plus, if you had to move while your place is being repaired, with renters insurance you would have additional living expenses to cover the extra costs you incurred during this time.

Also, if someone gets hurt in your rented apartment or home, you could be sued. Without renters insurance, you won’t have the protection needed to defend the lawsuit and pay any damages.

Moreover, renters insurance is not expensive. You can get the coverage you need at a fair and affordable price. We represent many leading, financially strong insurance companies enabling us to give you the advantage of choice at competitive prices.

We also offer package policies, including Business Owners Policies and Commercial Package Policies, and will be happy to review and determine which is right for your company and industry sector. Our current clients
include importers & exporters, wineries &
breweries, manufacturers, and non-profits, to
name a few.


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Let David Sayles Insurance Services help you with your insurance program. Our unique talented and experienced team of professionals is ready to provide you with the service you deserve and the insurance you need. Give us a call at 800-439-0292 to go over your specific needs.