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Having the right insurance policies in place – from auto and home insurance to motorcycle and boat insurance – is critical when relying on coverage when an accident or injury occurs. Not only do you want the proper insurance, but you also want to make sure you have the right amount of liability limits you need to remain financially sound. Reviewing the amount of coverage you have is part of what we do at David G. Sayles Insurance Services. Explaining how you can enhance that coverage is also an important part of our agency’s responsibility to you.

You see, most standard liability policies, such as on your auto and homeowners insurance, will provide limits up to a certain amount. This generally is enough. But what happens if you’re involved in a catastrophic car accident where there are serious injuries? Or if a person suffers a serious injury after falling in your home? For a reasonable cost, you can protect against what could be a financially devastating lawsuit with a personal umbrella policy.

How An Umbrella Works

Umbrella insurance is designed to kick in after the liability limits on your primary, underlying policies are exhausted. For example, if the personal liability limits on your homeowners policy is $300,000 and there is an accident in your home that results in major injury to a guest, the most the policy would pay is $300,000. In a lawsuit with a judgment of $1 million, the remainder of the payment would have to come from you – the homeowner. Could you afford this? A personal umbrella policy with $1 million limits would give you the peace of mind knowing you have extra coverage. In this case, your home insurance would pay the $300,000 and the umbrella would kick in the rest for a covered loss.

Umbrella policies are typically available with limits of $1 million, $2 million and $5 million, and are reasonably priced for the amount of additional coverage you are getting. In certain cases, personal umbrella insurance will also cover perils that your underlying policies won’t insure.

Our professionals can conduct a needs assessment to help determine the amount of personal umbrella insurance you need in the event of a catastrophic liability event. With today’s large jury awards and high medical costs, it doesn’t make sense to go without this added coverage.

We also offer package policies, including Business Owners Policies and Commercial Package Policies, and will be happy to review and determine which is right for your company and industry sector. Our current clients
include importers & exporters, wineries &
breweries, manufacturers, and non-profits, to
name a few.


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