Hot-Button Employment Topics for 2022

There are plenty of hot-button issues that have impacted employment laws and how businesses must operate in 2022. The evolution of employee management is something that business owners must adapt to. Likewise, there are options available to help employers provide a better environment for their workers. This article will explore employment topics that impact the whole business landscape in 2022.

4 Notable Employment Issues

These key topics showcase several factors in how a business will continue to run. Both employers and employees should understand how these issues impact them. Additionally, being knowledgeable in these topics can help you handle precarious scenarios that arise in a way that all parties receive fair treatment.

Covid-19 Protocol

The legal employment regulations and politics regarding the Covid-19 pandemic are ever-changing, forcing employers to continue to adapt their policies and workplace safety protocols accordingly. Conversely, The pandemic has greatly affected the employment relationship, and many employers are still struggling with how to keep their employees safe. This includes state and federal law requirements and how to handle an employee who has Covid or became exposed. In addition to that, Covid-related inquiries are persistent and abundant and have remained at the forefront of employment law concerns for both employers and employees.

Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage has been rapidly increasing at an all-time high for some states. Many experts have projected the minimum wage to adjust for inflation rather than pre-established increases for some states due to constitutional amendments approved by voters. It is wise for employers to make sure that they are paying the appropriate minimum wage, taking into consideration any possible future increases for business planning purposes. The importance of securing EPIL can not be stressed enough as employment laws are changing rapidly.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment claims are all too common in the workplace. Even when no formal complaint is made, it is crucial to remain cautious of any inappropriate acts. It is smart to investigate and follow up on any discrimination or harassment claims in the workplace. All too often, employees will bring a claim up from inappropriate jokes that managers have observed but have not taken steps to end the behavior. There should be a strict zero-tolerance harassment and discrimination policy in place. A professional working environment should always be the goal.

Navigating Complicated Legal Issues

Recruiting top talent can be challenging nowadays with the labor shortages around the country. It is pivotal to avoid making harsh hiring decisions quickly as this could easily backfire. Be sure to address any red flags on applications. It would also be worth your while to conduct an efficient onboarding process to explain company policies and expectations. Be sure to provide new hires with the resources to address questions or concerns. Employees should understand and keep in mind that they made contractual agreements when hired. Reading the orientation documents is a must. Workers can avoid issues if they follow their employer’s internal dispute resolution policies. It is beneficial that employees and employers have strong communication with each other. Confusion on legal implications is a hot-button employment topic as people become hesitant to contact expert employment counsel for advice. Working with professionals can help both parties establish a plan of action for the litigation obstacles and processes.

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